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This is for people who have Suikoden 2 and need help finding people etc.

How do I get Stallion to join?
Answer:Go to the area near Radat after running away from 50+ battles eventually he will challenge you to a race, beat him and he will join.

How do I get Killey?
Answer: Killey can be tricky to get, he will show up in South Windu eventually, talk to him and tell him about Alex's shop (in the castle) Then go back to South Windu and ask him to join you a few times.

Where is Rokkaku? I can't find it!
Answer: If you took Kasumi over Valeria then anytime after she joins go to the forest north of Banner Village (the one that leads to Tolan), walk south into a bunch of trees. It is AFTER the ladders but BEFORE the savepoint. If you took Valeria, wait until you have 100+ characters then go.

Should I take Valeria or Kasumi?
Answer: It depends. Who do you like more? Advantages- Valeria: Cool (powerfull) unite attack with Anita. Kasumi- Early access to Rokkaku whichg has 2 very good fighters. It's your choice, personally I like Valeria more but took Kasumi.

Does it make a difference if I take Feather, Sigfried or Abizboah?
Answer: This has more of an impact then Kasumi/Valeria. If you take Abizboah you get access to 2 more Krakens (L'Roladia, Chucahara)

Who is better Sigfried or Abizboah?
Answer: Abizboah definately! (unicorns suck) Plus you get the other 2 Krakens. MAKE SURE NOT TO GET SIGFRIED IF YOU WANT ABIZBOAH

How do I get the flying squirrels?
Answer: To get all 5, take EVERYONE out of your party (just the hero) and walk up and down between Greenhill and the Muse check point. Eventually they will appear in your party, win the battle and they join. There are also alternate methods to get Mukumuku but I haven't confirmed it yet. When I do I will post it.

Flik just left my party with some girl and I can't find him! Where is he?
Answer: I got a lot of mail about this for some reason, it's not that hard just go to the bottom left part of the academy, talk to the girl, this will trigger an event.

Why won't Futch and Humphrey join?
Answer: You have to talk to them a few times then beat the Rockaxe Cave after that they should join.

Where is Pesmerga?
Answer: Pesmerga is hiding in the last room of the Cave of Wind go there after getting 100 characters.

Well that's it. If you need help, email me at

I will update as soon as more questions come in.