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Ok this is FAQ from people who don't have the game. The questions are in white and the answers are in black so that you only see answers you want to see. To see the answer to a question just use your mouse to highlight it. All answers are spoilers.

Which characters are returning in Suikoden 2?
Answer: Luc, Humphrey, Futch, Pesmerga, Clive, Jeane, Viktor Valeria, Kasumi, Flik, Stallion, Tai Ho, Yam Koo, Hix, Tengaar, Maximillian, Lorelai, Sheena, Viki, Vincent De Boule, Meg, Templeton

Do you still have a castle?
Answer: Yep, a much cooler one

Are there still unite attacks?
Answer: Yes

Can you be the Original Hero (McDohl)?
Answer: If you loaded old Suikoden 1 data from the save point inside Gregminster castle at the end then yes, otherwise no.

Is he a star of destiny?
Answer: No but you can use him in battles.

Can you go back to Gregminster?
Answer: Yes you can eventually go back into the Republic of Toran (Suikoden 1 map) although some areas you cannot revisit.

Do we ever get to go to Rokkaku (the Ninja hideout mentioned in Suikoden 1)?
Answer:Yes but how early depends on who you have as your 14th star of destiny.

Do you have to choose between characters?
Answer:Yep their are 3 stars of destiny that can have different people.

Do we see any other Suikoden 1 characters that don't join??
Answer:Yes, we see or hear about Juppo, Lepant, Alen, Grenseal, Cleo and a few more.

Do any of the main characters die? (MAJOR SPOILER)
Answer:Nanami dies at the end but like Gremio she can be revived

What non-star characters can I get?
Answer:You can get the 4 other flying squirrels (Mekumeku, Mokumoku, Mikumiku, Makumaku) and 2 more krakens (If you choose Abizboah). Also McDohl if you have old files.

Is the music good?
Answer:Yep it rocks

When do I need the 108 stars?
Answer:Before the attack on Rockaxe.

How many endings are there?
Answer:I have seen 3 different.

How many charatcers die throughout the game
Answer:It depends, for me, I had 5 die but 3 you can prevent.

Are you an army or country?
Answer:More or less an army.

OK thats all for today, I will post more questions daily or as I recieve them. If you have questions feel free to email me at: